Ancient landscapes where wild game have roamed for an eternity.


Glen Harry Game Reserve was established in 2010 with the vision of creating an exclusive environment to compliment its beautiful surroundings, where guests are able to enjoy tranquility and serenity within some of the most awe inspiring scenery and landscapes the malaria free Eastern Cape has to offer.

The Reserve promises a uniquely intimate African wilderness experience where a large number of common and rare antelope and other scarce mammal and bird species including the elusive Black Eagle, inhabit the reserve. This is a protected ecosystem which bestows on our guests the true experience of the natural Karoo environment close up. No dangerous game have been introduced allowing undisturbed access  and complete freedom to roam and do as one pleases on this fragment of heaven on earth.

Glen Harry is for those who wish to take a step back in time to a natural world without the madding crowd, noise, light and air pollution. Come breathe fresh air again whether for a night, a week or more, and rekindle your innermost instincts on the Reserve with our warm people whose only concern is your well-being whilst sharing our vision.


Glen Harry Game Reserve is one of the very oldest game farm establishments in South Africa dating back to 1819. Wild game has roamed the lands for an eternity. In 2010 the 25000 acre Glen Harry Game Reserve was purchased with the intention of creating a pre-eminent wildlife area where, unlike most Game Lodges, a conscious decision was made to not introduce predators or dangerous game thereby allowing visitors to the Reserve the ability to enjoy to the full extent its beauty and abundant wild life. This allows close contact with nature and the property itself without the restrictions of dangerous game which, by their very virtue, impose upon humans.

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